Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An Indian Meal on the New SQ

The Indian SQ Meal on New Trays

Thanks to a code share with Air India, there was an Indian meal selection on tonight's flight to Taipei, which I eagerly ordered. The meal ended up not being that memorable in the end, but have you noticed that the economy class serving trays were completely different this time? That's because I finally got one of those 777's that SQ recently refitted with those new seats.

And while those new business class seats looked like mansions as I passed by them in the aisleway, I really enjoyed the peanut class seats too, with everything from laptop power to a smart recliner where the seat bottom slides out concurrently. Most importantly, the screen with its 16:9 aspect ratio was much more comfortably sized than those old ones, all the while with little touches like a small reading lamp underneath and even a vanity mirror built into the tray.

I liked this even better than SQ's A340 Executive Economy seats. Granted, these seats were hard enough that it would still be uncomfortable for a long haul, but I'd definitely appreciate this on a short flight.


Kell Ch@n said...

I hope my coming flight to Taipei with SQ would not code share with Air Indian man!

sean__wong said...

Luv your work son!

Keep posting I'll be making sure to drop in on some of these spots !

PS> where's your RSS feed button ?