Saturday, September 08, 2007

Braised Yellowtail and Radish on SQ

Braised Yellowtail and Radish

This was the Japanese selection on the return flight from SQ today, featuring "braised yellowtail and radish." I originally got it because I love daikon. And while that part of the meal satiated my cravings, the fish was rather dry, and just not that enjoyable. My quite taste of the other selection ("sauteed sliced beef in creamy green peppercorn sauce") was much more exciting. At least the soba in this meal wasn't as soggy as it was on the outbound leg.

Perhaps even more interesting was the little color pamphlet that I picked up in the SilverKris lounge that actually illustrated all of the food choices complete with photographs for both biz and econ class flights from Osaka. I suspect that it was something that the Japan office of Singapore Airlines does for its local the Japanese airlines do that too?

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