Sunday, September 02, 2007

Japanese Beef Curry on Singapore Airlines

Japanese Beef Curry

I've had curry on SQ flights before, but never Japanese curry, so I was rather excited to see this on the menu today. And I'm really glad that it was printed on the menu, since the flight attendants merely called it "beef with rice" when going down the aisles.

Unfortunately, it was quite a letdown, being way too sweet for my taste. The soba on the side was also way too soft to be exciting. Then again, we're in midair, so I suppose that it's not very fair to expect anything like the freshly-made stuff from restaurants.

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Pete said...

Wow, I've never had Japanese curries on SIA flights before. BTW, the BEST meal I've ever had on an airline was beef curry with briyani - on an SIA flight from Bali to Singapore. That's way back in 1993. It was so good, I've never forgotten it!