Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Yoshinoya Singapore's "Large" Beef Bowl

From left: large beef bowl and regular beef bowl

Can anyone tell the difference between these two bowls? Neither can I. Aside from a slightly wider rim on the left one, they pretty much look the same, right? Well, the one on the left is the "large" bowl (versus the regular bowl on the right), which was quite shocking when I first ordered it; at Yoshinoya in the US anyway, a large bowl gets you one of those big rectangular bowls rather than the smaller round one (is there a large option in Japan?). Seriously...is there really that much more food in the large bowl to justify the price difference?

To be fair, containers can be deceptive (witness those Hoegaarden glasses that look huge but only hold a single pint). So maybe there is more food, but I sure don't feel it. Next time, I'm ordering two regular bowls instead.


charps said...


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anyhew... i am travelling to singapore over christmas and am trying to pin-down a selection of places to eat. I am a sydney-sider interested in trying out lots of great singaporean street food -- i especially love dumplings of all varieties -- as well as some more high end places. Would you be able to recommend some faves,

many thanks!


Anonymous said...


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hey if its not too personal, I would like to ask what is your occupation? Because you seems to do so much travelling.


Pete said...

That was really funny :) I've never progressed beyond Yoshinoya's regular-sized bowl, so I never realised that we'd be short-changed for the big bowl experience. BTW, have you tried Yoshinoya in Jakarta? They used minced beef instead of slivers!

Anonymous said...

Cuz youre not in the US. US SUPERSIZE EVERTHING! pfffffffffff

Anonymous said...

what did you expect? the bowl is larger right? just the content is the same :P