Friday, September 07, 2007

Matsuya's Kimukaru-don and Gyumoshi

Kimukaru don

Matsuya is one of Yoshinoya's big competitors in Japan, and today they seemed to be promoting some sort of yakiniku variant with thicker karubi meat and topped with kimuchi. We stopped on in for a quick pre-dinner snack to see if it were any good.

To my surprise, it was (and for sure my perception has been messed up by that disappointing experience at Yoshinoya Singapore). I also liked the very thin and tender meat in the gyudon (called gyumoshi here), especially when complemented with that huge selection of sauces at each station. I presume that they are using US beef these days?


offspring said...

looks good man. incidentally i am in japan. will go and look for it.

lost said...

japanese yoshinoya is better than what we get in singapore. i'll encourage you to try it out as well, if you haven't already.