Monday, December 30, 2013

Sunkist Smiles California Clementines

Sunkist Smiles California Clementines

I think I have found my new favorite variety of oranges. It was a bit of a surprise in the sense that these Californian clementines, at S$20 (US$16) for that 3 lb bag above, were more expensive than Japanese mikan. But they were so much more brightly orange than the mikan that Cold Storage was carrying, so I took a chance and went for the more expensive ones from Sunkist.

And they were yummy. Packed with a juicy, tangy punch, these had the added bonus of being seedless. Granted, the skin was not as loose as mikan, meaning that it was slightly harder to peel in relative terms, but it was still an easy-to-eat mandarin at the end of the day. People should give these during Chinese New Year instead.


tony tan said...

Hey, may I know at which Cold Storage branch you bought these clementines? Thanks!

bma said...

Great World City

Unknown said...

Those same Clementines are around 4 bucks at local Supermarkets, here in Arizona. However, you cannot get Mikan's anywhere!