Saturday, December 07, 2013

Karne Garibaldi in Guadalajara, Mexico

Carne en su Jugo

Oh man, that was f*ckin' good. And fast too...I can see why they got that (admittedly gimmicky) Guinness Book of World Records claim to having fast service...the guy brought out my food before I could barely figure out what it was that I had just ordered.

Actually, he explained it. They specialize in that dish in the foreground, which is local to the state of Jalisco and is literally "beef in its own juices" (with delicious bits of bacon in there, I might add). Everything else around it, including some rich frijoles with corn and an optional guacamole, was an accompaniment.

Like pozole and menudo, I garnished mine with generous heaps of onion and cilantro, all helped down by those amazingly fragrant grilled onion bulbs that I wrapped in corn tortillas and covered in hot sauce. Mmm...that was easily one of the best things that have eaten in a long time.


Unknown said...

Oh man does that sound good! And I have a better chance of going to Guadalajara than most of the places you report from.

KingT said...

Nice! We have CESJ all over Chicago and I really wanted to go to that place when travelling by bus from Aguascalientes to Puerto Vallarta but settled for a place called Los Originales in town that was fantastic...but not as good as Los Gallos here in Chicago.