Saturday, August 25, 2012

Exploring Albert Centre Market & Food Centre

Roasted Chicken Rice

After finishing up a quick task on Waterloo Street today, we went on over to Albert Centre Food Centre. I'd never been there before, but it looked pretty big and old, so I figured that there had to be some kind of gems hiding inside. One of the stalls that had the longest lines was Leong Yeow (270 Queen Street #01-49), complete with claims about being the "Famous Waterloo Street Chicken Rice" and "The Most Famous Chicken Rice in Town." There was nothing to complain about, but I suppose there wasn't anything so great about it that I would make an effort to go back for it, even if I did like those firm grains of rice.

Carrot Cake

While we were at it, we noticed a number of comments on Foursquare that suggested getting the Chinese carrot (turnip) cake from Guan Kee at Stall 59. Yes, this was one of the better ones that I've had, especially with its salt and grease. But just as with the chicken rice, I don't know if it is anything so unique that I would get cravings for it.

Finally, we went to Queen Street Prawn Noodles at Stall 60, in part because they offered pig tails as an option in your bowl. At first it sounded (and looked) a bit strange, but I'd never had it before, so I figured that I'd give it a try at least. The good thing was that the prawn noodle broth was nice and smooth. But the pig tails? They were moist and chewy. I think I still prefer my pig skin and fat in a crispier rendition.

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happyhoyt said...

I love seeing food from other cultures. Is this Singapore? Some of it looked a little scary (like the pig), but some of it seemed interesting enough to try.