Saturday, August 30, 2008

SQ Business Class...but old school

Singapore fried carrot cake

One thing great about SQ is that they often serve local street food in the air, as seen by the satay that they usually serve in Raffles Class. Now, that wasn't available this morning, but you could get "Singapore fried carrot cake," which I found to be on par or perhaps even better than some street hawkers. I didn't care too much for the hot sauce on the side but the stuff was pretty darned spicy already, and I was impressed by how fresh the shrimp were too. Yum.

The optimist in me was also hoping that my plane today would feature the new super-wide SQ Business Class rather than the previous SpaceBed, but that didn't quite happen. In fact, it went in the other direction with the old school seats that preceded the SpaceBed. This was so old that the video system wasn't even VOD-enabled, although I guess that doesn't surprise me for some of the short haul flights. It also looks like they've dropped that Raffles Class name for a while now. Clearly I don't fly SQ Business Class enough to notice.

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Eve1ynS said...

Looks darn good for airline food!