Saturday, September 24, 2011

Six Seven, Seattle, Washington

Armandinos’ Salumi Plate

When I saw Armandino's Salumi Plate on the bar menu at Six Seven tonight (2411 Alaskan Way, 206-269-4575), my eyes opened up wide and a drawn out "oooh" came out of my mouth. So that means that I could get some of that Batali salumi without having to go down to his proper shop to line up, all while being able to wash it down with some local brews as the sun sets against the water? Cool.

Unfortunately, I didn't really care that much for it when it came out; somehow it was much more memorable in sandwich form last time rather than these surprisingly lean cuts, even if one of them had an interesting coffee-like smokiness to it. I was much more excited about the lobster mac and cheese here...and of course just being able to take it easy with a nice view along the waterfront.

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