Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Osteria Mozza, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Pigs Trotters

We finally made it to the more upscale osteria side of Mozza today. It was physically much livelier than I was expecting, as the wait staff kept shifting around the center of the dining room where a round table in open sight housed various things like silverware, cheese graters, and olive oil. This was also probably one of the only linen-clad restaurants that blasts Pearl Jam, U2, and The Clash overhead. Cool.

Of course, the food was good too, be it the delicate pig trotter pictured above, the pasta that was cooked just right, or the variety of rich and fresh cheeses that we got from their mozzarella bar. All the same, some of the dishes were a bit salty, and it wasn't cheap either. So we'll probably lean toward the pizzeria side in the future.


Some Kind Of Funky said...

Oh my goodness. The food you post look so delicious! Keep up the blog!

Faysal said...

I feel hungryu to see the Mozza , keep blogging

Ernst said...

Fantastic food here - best cheese selection in Singapore (I went with the Burrata Puglia) and all the food we ordered was excellent. Will return to try the pizza next-door soon!