Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sam's Chowdermobile at Moveable Feast, SJ

Clockwise From Bottom: Lobster Roll, Clam Chowder, and Fried Calamari

I had heard about these guys for a while; apparently their restaurant is *the* place to eat at up in Half Moon Bay. Fortunately, their mobile effort was featured at one of those roving food truck events today: Moveable Feast at San Pedro Square in San Jose. They had the longest line of all of the trucks, but service was surprisingly fast (I kept expecting Tyler Florence to jump out somewhere!).

Anyway, we got the requisite lobster roll along with a namesake cup of chowder as well as fried calamari. The lobster roll turned out to be the least exciting for me, in part due to my indifference about lobster. But it got better once I stopped poking at it with a fork and ate it the way I was supposed to instead, meaning sandwiched in between that richly buttered bread.

Well, I really liked the chowder, as it featured generous cuts of clam that provided that requsite dose of savoriness. The calamari surprised me too; in contrast to many restaurants who often feature overbattered and rubbery cuts, this tender stuff was cut thinly with a delicate batter. We gobbled it up in seconds.

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Anonymous said...

aha what phone do you have ?! suuuch good pics

that lobster roll is so lol but looks so yum at the same time !!
and omg you have my dream job