Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Anchor & Hope, San Francisco

Fried Calamari

This trendy yet kickback place in an old warehouse (83 Minna Street, 501-9100) was completely packed tonight, but we lucked out by finding a couple of seats at the bar, which I prefer anyway. We grabbed a range of our usual favorites, from oysters on the half shell to clam chowder and even heirloom tomato salad. The fried calamari above was impressively light, although I preferred to steer clear of that sweet Thai chili dip.

There was still a lot of other stuff that I wanted to try, including a deep fried snapper special as well as that famous uni appetizer. But my stomach was filling (and my wallet was emptying) quickly, so we left it at that. I might not come running back right away, but if I'm in the neighborhood again, then I'd consider stopping by again for a quick snack at the bar.

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