Friday, June 12, 2009

Anthony's Restaurant, Sea-Tac Airport

Oysters, Chowder, and Beer

Nice. Even if I wasn't able to get my shellfish breakfast today, at least there were places at the airport that I could get my fixing at. Anthony's has a number of restaurants in the area, including this outlet at the airport (Central Terminal, post-security, 431-3000). Both their full service restaurant as well as the fast-food fish & chips stand had lines forming, so I went straight to the bar instead, where I plopped myself down with a local Mac & Jack African ale as well as some clam chowder, dungeness crab cocktail, and a dozen oysters.

While the clam chowder was much thicker than I was expecting, it still went down quickly, together with the fresh oysters and crab. And being at the airport, everything came out super fast, making these guys a speedy way to get a taste of the Pacific Northwest, even if one is only in transit. One of my favorite things in the world is a raw bar and local beer from the West Coast, so I was happy as a clam (no pun intended) sitting here before my flight. It's probably a good thing that I don't live in the area though, or else my cholesterol would be sky high from all of that shellfish that I so easily fall victim to.


Kathy said...

Good news for garlic lovers:
"Cholesterol Inhibitors In Garlic Identified".

It's just a study though, so don't get too excited over this. =P

Pete said...

I was at their full service restaurant on the Memorial Day weekend last year! I had the clam chowder as well. My main was Copper River salmon. Yum, fabulous - Changi Airport here doesn't have a single eatery close to it!

hortlog said...

12 oysters ! man....u r good