Saturday, May 21, 2011

Amusing Things from a Saturday

Sangaria Hop Aroma Non-Alcohol Beer

Here was a Japanese beer that I picked up from Daiso this morning. It wasn't anything exciting, but hey, being non-alcoholic meant that I didn't need to feel bad about drinking it with breakfast. :)

Banchan with bong bong and ssack ssack

I wanted to show the bibim naengmyeon that we had from Dal-In tonight (17 Boon Tat Street, 6225-1006), but the guy pulled out his scissors so quickly that I couldn't get the shot (it was impressively refreshing and spicy though). So instead, I'm appending this photo, which was centered on the banchan, but should have focused more on the Korean grape and orange juice drinks, which were amusingly called bong bong and ssack ssack respectively. The grape juice actually had little peeled grapes coming out of that little hole in the can, while the orange juice was surprisingly pulpy.

Doraemon Pokemon Disney and Hello Kitty Kamaboko

Finally, we've seen ANA's logo on kamaboko, but how about your choice of cartoon characters? Meidi-ya had a selection of Doraemon, Pokemon, Disney, and Hello Kitty. No, I didn't buy any.


Traveller said...

Keep on posting. I've been reading. Great blog.

Anonymous said...

OMG i LOVE grape sac sac. They sell it here in the states at my local asia-mart. Some people find it offputting but thats because they try to swallow the grapes whole which totally defeats the purpose.

I can't tell if thats a normal 12-oz can in the picture. The ones i buy come in little stubby cans which is my excuse for buying them three at a time!