Monday, March 28, 2011

More Japanese Beverages...Sorta

Umenishiki and Hitachino Beer

Here was some more Japanese beer from Meidi-Ya, this time with a brand called Umenishiki. I went for the bock, which...well, tasted like a bock. There was nothing bad about it, but nothing that blew me away either. Well, I definitely liked it better than that Hitachino Nest stuff with the owl logo. I thought that I might have liked the Red Rice Ale, but it was way too fruity for me.

Japanese Drinking Vinegar

Perhaps more interesting was the Japanese vinegar that was parked right next to all of the alcohol. Yes, you're supposed to drink the vinegar out of health reasons. It's not as weird as it may sound - I like that tangy bamanto apple vinegar (mixed with water or alcohol at least). But what's strange is that purple one in the upper left hand corner. Yup - that's garlic-flavored black vinegar, which I guess one is supposed to drink as well. I dunno if I really want to try that one.

Wet Tissues in Beverage Cans

Lastly, these were not beverages at all, but rather moist towelettes (i.e., butt wipes) stored in cans that were made to look like drinks - one of them clearly being a knockoff of Pocari Sweat. These were from Daiso rather than Meidi-Ya.

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