Monday, January 31, 2011

A Selection of Japanese Beer from Meidi-Ya

From left: Suntory The Premium Malt's, Premium Yebisu, Sapporo Winter's Tale Sumiyaki Bakuga Jikomi Limited Edition 2010-2011, and a Mini Sapporo

Here's a selection of Japanese beer that I picked up at Meidi-Ya recently. The Suntory on the left was less malty and more hoppy than the draft version that I remembered having, although that was so long ago that maybe my impression has been skewed by such a memorable name as "The Premium Malt's."

The Premium Yebisu carried a much more pronounced tinge of alcohol. If it were just toned down a bit, I might have liked its otherwise rather hearty taste much more. The blue Winter's Tale Limited Edition was probably my favorite of the bunch. I couldn't really taste any seasonal aspect of it, but it was precisely its crisp and clean nature that I liked.

The little guy on the right is just your everyday Sapporo beer, but just in an amusingly small portion. I'm not really sure what practical use such a small can has, but I surely hope that it's not meant a size meant for children.


tanya said...

Have you tried Kirin? That's my favorite Japanese beer.

Horst said...

The very best japanese beers are for sale in Japan only. Like Suntory Malt's or Asahi "The Master'.