Friday, February 04, 2011

Random Snacks from Chinese New Year

Huanglauwu Peanut Candy

Here were some random but noteworthy snacks from the Chinese New Year holidays, the first of which were these peanut candy things from Sichuan. No, they weren't spicy - they were basically like peanut brittle but with much more peanut than candy. I ate a bunch of them, but stopped myself after finding some of them disturbingly tasting a bit chemical-like.

Chinese Mystery Meat

Next up were these rather unattractive meat things from Shantou that looked like canned cat food or something. I'll avoid the cliche here, but curiosity got to me so I tried one. I liked it...a lot more than I thought I would. They were kinda like Chinese beef jerky: a little greasy, a little salty, and mildly spiced up. I ended up uncontrollably devouring nearly the remainder of the plate, leaving only a couple of slices just for the sake of being polite.

A variety of mochi, including wasabi flavor

And then there was a bowl containing a variety of flavored mochi in individually wrapped packets from Taiwan. Most of them were pretty straightforward, like the mango and orange flavors. But I'm glad I looked at the green one carefully before opening it: it was wasabi-flavored. Eventually I opened it (after trying out all of the other flavors). It wasn't sinus-clearingly strong, but it was definitely the weirdest of them all and not something I'd reach for again.

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