Friday, June 18, 2010

Green Garlic from Bai Jiao Yuan, Beijing

Green Garlic and Dumplings

Here's some pickled garlic from Bai Jiao Yuan in Beijing. If I heard it correctly, they turn green as a result of that dark Chinese vinegar. I wanted so badly to eat a clove, but that would be a bad idea with afternoon meetings ahead. It was interesting trying the donkey meat dumplings though - they tasted a bit like corned beef but with a lamb-like muskiness.

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thisone said...

Oh no, it's not the dark vinegar. But garlic grown in China tends to turn blue, I don't know why. I live in Hungary, the garlic grown here, never turned blue, even if I add chinese dark vinegar. I even heard it might be the fertilizer they use??? By the way, love Your blog!