Thursday, December 02, 2010

Arnaud's Restaurant, New Orleans

Gulf Fish Amandine

Arnaud's (813 Rue Bienville, 523-5433) is one of New Orleans' most popular restaurants, scoring 25's across all three of Zagat's criteria. So I was expecting quite a bit. And while the live jazz, tuxedoed waiters, and historic building in the middle of the French Quarter definitely brought some local charm to this jackets-recommended place, I was kinda let down with the food.

OK, it wasn't bad. The shrimp in their signature shrimp Arnaud were fresh, but mustard was so pungent in the Creole rémoulade that it overpowered the thing...I might as well have just shoved a spoonful of the sauce directly into my mouth. The Gulf fish amandine above tasted just like it looked: fresh and relatively light, but not necessarily anything so exciting to get me craving it again.

Maybe I just ordered the wrong things. At least their version of Bananas Foster was better than the heavy beignets that I got from Cafe Beignet around the corner last night. Well, I guess one can't argue with the historic charm of the venue...although just one visit here is probably enough for me.

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