Friday, December 07, 2007

Breakfast at Brennan's in the French Quarter

Eggs Hussarde

Brennan's is one of those historical places in New Orleans featuring tuxedo-clad wait staff, table linens, and a classy decor (417 Royal Street, 504-525-9711). Breakfast is apparently a big thing here, so we popped on down here this morning to check it out. It's pretty much a fixed price three course set, from which we picked items associated with Brennan's, including an oyster soup, a so-called Eggs Hussarde, and the tableside-flambeed Bananas Foster to close.

Despite the obvious catering to tourists and high prices (sets at US$36 and upwards), I did like the food. The oyster soup was savory yet delicate and was a nice way to kick things off (together with my spicy Creole Bloody Mary). The Eggs Hussarde was similar to Eggs Benedict but with some extra wine reduction or something...and as with anything with Hollandaise sauce, one couldn't help but smile upon tasting it. And while the Bananas Foster came loaded with an inordinate amount of brown sugar, it was a fitting way to finish off this very filling meal. Time to go back to the hotel and sleep!


MamaBoK said...

Yah.. that would make me sleepy too.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Seems you've been to all the hot Foodie cities around.
New Orleans is one of my favorite cities. Did you go to any of Emeralds restaurants? Hot him on TV, but he has some top notch places.