Friday, December 07, 2007

Bon Ton Cafe, New Orleans

Fried Catfish

After so many days of being in New Orleans, we have technically been eating more Creole food than Cajun. And given that we had no plans to drive out to Cajun country on this trip, we did want to make sure that we came here (401 Magazine Street, 504-524-3386), apparently one of the first Cajun restaurants in New Orleans...and one that is only open on weekdays, in fact.

It was a cozy little brick-lined place with checkered tablecloths and was filled with nearby office workers. I went ahead and grabbed a cup of turtle soup to start as well as some fried catfish. The dark red soup was satisfyingly full of flavor, even if a bit on the salty side, while the thin cuts of catfish were tender, even if that pink sauce on the side was a bit excessive in garlic. Well, it did the job in the end. It would have been interesting to head out of the city to get a closer feel of the Cajun lifestyle though.


mimosa.shy said...

turtle soup? made of real turtles ? do tell us more ! ;)

cici said...

I seriously want your life now! Chicago, New Orleans and Mexico all in the past 6 months! I want that job! hahahaha