Monday, February 09, 2009

Hitsu-Mabushi from Wakashachiya


Here's the hitsumabushi from Wakashachiya. I wasn't even planning to get this - I was craving their signature curry udon instead. But upon arrival I found that these guys had revamped their menu. I can only assume that they expanded their offerings in order to appeal to a wider audience, but in the process they slashed the number of toppings that were available for the curry udon, and my usual eggplant and tomato toppings fell victim to it all. Disappointed, I fell back on one thing that did survive: the hitsumabushi.

Fortunately, it was still the same as I remembered it - complete with a gimmicky instruction sheet about how to enjoy this stuff four different ways using the condiments that were provided. Well, for grilled eel it did the job, but the menu revamp means that I'll be less likely to come back...which was probably the opposite effect of what they wanted.

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