Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beer and Olives from the Spanair Lounge

Buckler Sin, Heineken, and Olives

I grabbed a quick plate of olives from the Spanair lounge here at Barcelona airport this morning, along with a little half-sized can of Heineken. This Buckler Sin stuff was something I hadn't seen was a non-alcoholic beer from what appeared to be the Heineken Spain people. I definitely didn't care for the taste of that one.


Anonymous said...

hey hows the weather in barcelona right now? how many layers would suffice? nothing like hearing from someone whos there right now..

bma said...

It was sunny and about 12 degrees Celsius when we left. My Singapore-accustomed system required me to wear a layer of thermals under a sweater plus a heavy coat and scarf. I even busted out a beanie when it got colder without sunlight.

Anonymous said...

thanks dude, very informative :) seriously thinking of planning a trip to barcelona soon after looking at your pics..

Kathy said...

Wow you really piled on the layers! Thermals at 12 degree celcius! You must have really aclimatised to singapore by now.

Perhaps you could try a double tee shirt layer rather than thermals, it seems to work as well for me.

Scarf is a good idea, as long as you keep your neck and head warm, more than half the job's done.

Anonymous said...

booked my ticket.. im gonna check out all the food places uve mentioned :)