Friday, November 14, 2008

Fishball Noodle - The Dry Version

Fishball Noodle - Dry Mee Pok

Here's a bowl of fishball noodle, but the dry version. I think I'll stick to my usual soup version next time though. Not that there was anything wrong with this per se, but the mee pok noodles that I requested just conjured up thoughts (and hence comparisons) to Tai Wah's bak chor mee, to which this light-tasting bowl could not compare. I'll stick to the soup bee hoon version from these guys.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but being unfamiiar with many asian foods, What are "fish balls"? Is it like surami "crab" (which I like very much indeed with a little butter and horseradish)? Just asking.

ybother said...


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Anonymous said...

Hi Hi,
enjoy reading ur blogs and going thru ur beautiful pictures.
First time leaving a comment here.

caught my attention when u mentioned Tai Hwa.

Its my fave mince meat noodle stall, fave noodle stall in the whole of sg.

the next time u patronise them, I'd reccomend you to try: dry, kway teow (white flat noodles) with extra vinegar, $6 portion.

the quality of their vinegar, with very fresh ingredients, mixed with kway teow results in a bowl of noodle experience that you will never find in other parts of sg.

if u've got company of 4/5 persons, u can order a bowl of soup with meatballs + dumplings. its very very niceeeee

slurpsss im salivating already.

bon appetit!