Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Fish Ball Noodle crew at Tanjong Pagar Market

I'm a regular here. They know my usual lunch routine: a piping hot tasty bowl of fishball rice noodle soup with bean sprouts, scallions, ground pork, and little bits of deep fried lard and shallots for extra flavor - all for only S$2.20 (US$1.40)! I've gotten sick of most hawker food already, but this is one thing that I'll still eat. Light and refreshing - a nice break from the office.

Of course, S$2.20 doesn't get you very far - I get hungry within a few hours, but that's just when I go back for my afternoon snack.


One interesting thing about Singapore is that you have to explicitly ask for a plastic takeaway tub (which they charge extra for, I might add) - if not, then they will put it in a plastic baggie, which makes for some really awkward situations (I once made the mistake of getting it in a bag, and was told later that it looked like I was drinking out of a urine pouch).


And for the record, "fish balls" are not fish "balls" (i.e., how do you get their legs open? ha ha). Fish balls are meatballs but with fishmeat instead. It creates a bit of a stinkier fish taste, so it's not my ideal (I'm sure my office neighbors love me for that stank), but it's a simple light taste overall, which is sometimes all that I want.


Beau Lotus said...

You're lucky to be able to eat fishball noodles every day if you want to. This is one of the things I miss so much about Singapore...

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. that fishball thingy got me laughing non stop.