Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mushroom Park Restaurant, Singapore

From bottom: mushroom treasure rice, mutton, and beef

Meat substitutes had never really struck me as anything to get excited about, be it in the form of garden burgers, Chinese "vegetarian duck," or that TVP stuff from Home Economics classes. But I was quite impressed with what this hotpot transplant from Taiwan (87 Serangoon Garden Way, 6281-7600) had done with its mushroom sashimi. Other items that struck me included some mushrooms that looked just like slices of liver, as well as shredded mushrooms that practically tasted just like pork floss.

Granted, the red slices in the background of the photo above actually *were* proper slices of cow and lamb carcass. But everything else here was pretty much very mushroom and vegetable-focused, and all presented in fully-serviced set meals, the latter point of which was reminscient of other Taiwanese encounters - except that this didn't come across as tacky.

Thumbs up for me, especially given how they weren't stingy with the portions here either: my belly was so full of soup and mushrooms when I left that I nearly exploded. Plus it was a hell of a lot more guilt-free than an oily and salty Sichuan hotpot. And yes, this completely blew away local rival Mushroom Pot given the ingredient quality and focus here. The new Seah Street location will make Mushroom Park easier to get to next time too.

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