Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Mushroom Pot, Singapore Indoor Stadium

The Mushroom Pot

I love mushrooms. So when I first arrived in Singapore a number of years back, I got really excited when I heard of a place called The Mushroom Pot (2 Stadium Walk, #01-02, 6342-3320). With a name like that, I figured that they offered a bunch of soups, salads, and pastas adorned in mushrooms. When I found out that it was a hot pot place instead, I was a bit bummed...until today, when the thought of a very light mushroom-based broth for lunch sounded very refreshing.

The good thing is that the broth was pretty much what I was looking for. It may be a dark brew in the picture, but multiple types of mushrooms were in there. There were standard cuts of meat and veggies available on the side, as well as a surprisingly good wild mushroom fried rice. But there were no sauce choices available aside from a sweet Thai-like chili stuff. And I was actually hoping for a more inspiring variety of mushrooms. So while the broth was fitting for today, I don't think that I'll be running back here again. But it was interesting to have finally come here after so many years.

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Anonymous said...

theres this mushroom restaurant place somewhere, maybe it is more of what you were looking for.