Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Baikohken, North Canal Road, Singapore

Miso Haafu Saizu

I didn't find out until recently that these guys have been here for a good number of months already (7 North Canal Road, 6534-3808) - I wish I had known earlier! These guys are from Asahikawa, just as Ramen Santouka is. I ended up liking these guys better, mainly because the broth was toned down to a much more reasonable level, including the miso ramen that I usually find too salty elsewhere.

My favorite of the bunch though was the shio ramen. While looking like murky dishwater, the taste of the broth was sophisticated enough to keep me happy yet light enough to keep my conscience clear. The thick cuts of menma were a standout, as were the crumbles-apart-in-your-mouth slices of chashu. Such a toned-down broth may not necessarily provide the "wow factor" of Santouka, but it's precisely such humility that will bring me back.

P.S. They are open over the upcoming Lunar New Year holidays while the rest of the island shuts down (yay!).

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Anonymous said...

If you want jiaozi over the lunar new year period, just call the whispering man. He'll deliver to his store if you give him a call.