Sunday, February 03, 2008

RedDot BrewHouse, Dempsey Hill

RedDot Beef Mushroom Burger

Here's another microbrewery that has popped up in Singapore (25A Dempsey Road #01-01, 6475-0500). They were so new when I came by here last month that they were only running a partial menu at the time. So it was good to finally be able to try that mushroom burger today.

I raised an eyebrow when it came out though. Not only were there no mushrooms on this Mushroom Burger (it turned out that they were mixed into the patty), but more importantly, the Eddie Murphy phenomenon struck again: some huge glob of a patty that was unnecessarily thick and yet had a diameter that barely took up two thirds of the bun (one could cue that famous Wendy's ad here too). Fortunately, it still tasted pretty good, but the shape of such patties is a huge pet peeve of mine.

...and oh yes, how was the beer? The English Ale, as well as some special summer brew, were a bit too hoppy for my taste. Nonetheless, it was good to see another microbrewery showing up here, especially now that they finally had a (nearly) full offering from their menu today.


Anonymous said...

that patty looks pretty good, but the lettuce below it looks kinda stale. heh.

Anonymous said...

If you really like burgers, you should try the minced chicken burgers at Han's. The patty is coarsely minced which results a a good texture, and the burgers(and buns!)are like pan fried, just like its done in a typical US by-the-interstate-diner.

munchiew said...

by the way, Wendy's came back to Singapore, and opens at Lau Pa Sat.
I definitely don't think it is exactly the same as Wendy's originally, but just to give you a heads up.