Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lei Yuen Noodle & Congee Restaurant

Wanton Mee

I was told that this place (539 Lockhart Road, 2832-4978) sold wanton mee that was supposed to be even better than my favorite Mak's Noodle. With a claim like that, I had to come by. And conveniently enough, they were right by my hotel and open until 2 AM, so I came over for a quick midnight snack.

I'm not sure if I understood why this was considered better though. The broth had less aroma, the dumplings did not have that bite of fresh shrimp, and the noodles - while laudably firm - didn't have as much of that egg-flavor that I have come to love about Mak's. Indeed, I even had to add some of that Cantonese chili oil just to get some flavor into this thing.

Well, apparently this place is also known for its porridge, so maybe I just ordered the wrong thing. But I definitely prefer Mak's noodles instead.


Pete said...

I think Hongkongers go for a much subtler, "blander" taste than Singaporeans & other folks. I always had to being along my own jar of chilli paste & a bottle of Maggi chili sauce when I travel to Hong Kong. I find their wanton noodles too tasteless - even Mak's famous version, sorry to say.

Christy said...

I have to agree....even the picture shows the bland taste of the noodles:p