Thursday, October 11, 2007

Some Taiwanese Hot Pot Chain

Beef Shabu Shabu

I've had a lot of great meals in Taipei, and I've had a lot of bad ones. Unfortunately, this one fell into the latter category (I dunno the name of the was a bit random). It looked OK at first, with individual hotpot stations and beautiful slices of meat. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of upgrading to some pickled cabbage broth, which turned out to be nothing more than kimchi soup (I was expecting something like Wei Lu instead).

Argh...that ruined the whole experience for me, only to be worsened by the fact that the meat provided was rather paltry (despite the appearance on the platter), while a huge plate of veggies filled your stomach instead. The only saving grace was the Taiwanese sa cha sauce that I could dip into, but I was pretty bummed at the wasted stomach space. In retrospect, I should have just sent the broth back and asked for the basic soup instead. At least it was cheap at only NT$200 (US$6.10), probably driven by demand from the university students in the area.

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