Monday, August 27, 2007

Phan Viet Deli, Robinson Road

Pho Bo Special Beef Feast Combination

This is a new Vietnamese shop (112 Robinson Road #01-03, 9828-4608) that opened just a few doors down from Simply Sandwich and Munch. I grabbed their set lunch which featured piping hot pho in a decently sized bowl as well as some crispy deep fried appetizers.

Oddly though, the usual spread of bean sprouts and basil for the pho came in the most pathetic little cup I'd ever seen, amounting to no more than 15 sprouts (yes, there were so few that I could count them), most of them only half-size. There was no lime given, and the brisket was rather thick and tough. Most importantly, the broth was mildly sweet, which was enough to convince me to head just a bit further up the street next time a pho craving hits. Well, at least it's good to know that there is an alternative here.


Kyo said...

How oddly coincidental! I was there on Monday for lunch as well (never imagined the world-famous Hungryboy would be right there patronising this joint too!), eating the exact same thing, the $10.50 'Pho Bo' combo. No brown sauce, wrong chili sauce, and a sad excuse for beansprouts, hardly any mint and tough sinewy joints. I won't be going back in a hurry. It doesn't seem like you got the set (my colleague did, and it consisted of a club soda with sour plums + 2 miserable wontons with too much dipping sauce in comparison).

Final verdict: It sucked for that price. Even the pho texture wasn't close to the best I've had in Singapore. Next time I'm gonna keep walking past it to Munch.

I've had far better at Viet Express behind China Square Central at Far East Square.

Anonymous said...

I had the beef brisket sandwich on Tuesday. It was good! Lots of tender meat and crispy veges with little hot bits of red chilli.

There is another branch along Hitachi Tower, IIRC.

This is my first post. Am a longtime lurker though. Love your site Hungryboy!


Ropinator said...

it seems to be tasty but I stay at pizza