Thursday, August 09, 2007

Kebab Station, Parkway Parade

Lamb Kebab Roll

After running a couple of rather tiring errands at Parkway Parade, we needed a breather and stopped at this kiosk outside (80 Marine Parade #01-K11, with another location opposite the McDonald's on the ECP, 9697-8227). Given my frustration with finding post-drinking kebabs in Singapore, I was eager to see if this place could produce anything decent. (Actually, I don't even know if these guys are open late or not, but at least it adds to the few kebab shops around.)

It was good to see them with two big rotating spits, as well as them making the bread to order. And the two sauces that they squeezed into this thing did help facilitate the ingestion process. But in the end, this was a bit too small and spartan for my liking...I guess I still yearn for livelier ones like those commonly sold in Europe.


Anonymous said...

hi,located where exactly at parkway?
is it permanent?

Anonymous said...

have you tried anatolia's at far east plaza?

they're pretty alright, i think

i'll always be right there. said...

It's just outside the mall, near the fountain.

Have you tried the Egypt Kebab sold in Pasar Malam? (those temporary stalls near MRT stations)

Anonymous said...

anatolia's doner sandwich @ far east is great! i prefer it to the pita wrap. the iskender is not too bad too.

Anonymous said...

Forget about kebab station at east coast. It is really spartan. Not only that - unhygienic! Their Jurong Branch had many hygiene complaints and shut.

Anonymous said...

Didn't their Changi Village branch close down as well? Tried them again outside Parkway Parade. They are getting worse. Taste was not great. Portion was too small for the price.ANATOLIA is definitely better.