Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sausage Co. Hotdogs, Icon Village

Beef hot dog with sauerkraut and tomatoes

The Icon is a new housing development next door to the Amara Hotel, conveniently enough with a small retail mall on the ground floor. I went over there today to see if there were anything interesting, but half of the shops weren't even open yet. Without much else of a choice, I stopped at this little hot dog stand on the side (12 Gopeng Street #01-21, 6534-9876).

It seemed simple enough; pick your sausage and toppings. I grabbed a beef hot dog, topped it with some sauerkraut, tomatoes, and mustard, and down it went. While nothing to make me shout for joy, the dog was better than I thought it would be. Interestingly, the bun was like some of that soft local bread that's commonly baked around here.

Bockwurst with American beef chili and mashed potatoesIt was a bit small though, so I went back for another, this time grabbing the bockwurst. I knew better than to ask for chili (or as they called it, the "American beef chili"), but I wasn't going to jump to conclusions yet, and was hoping that it would surprise me. Tough chance...this chili was sweet (ugh!). And what's that weird-looking ball on top? A scoop of cold mashed potatoes (don't ask).

Clearly I need to go for better toppings next time, but at least the wiener itself was fine. And in case you're wondering why the surface in the background of the photos looks like cement, it's because this was just a outward-facing stand without any seating, so I just sat down on the ground and ate. That's probably all that this will be for me then: a quick snack in case I need a bite to or from the train station. There are a couple Korean restaurants slated to open at the Icon soon that I do want to check out though.


Duckburg said...

I LOVE hotdogs! So decided to check out this hotdog shop for it's 'chinese' buns! Brought along a German friend as well to sort of verify the 'authenticity' of the hotdog.

I tried the bratwurst with the hot ebi (hei bi hiam - in hokkien), lettuce topping and honey mustard sauce.
Comment: The hot ebi is something the locals might find interesting! It tastes like fusion hotdog. But might be too spicy for the likings of ang mohs. The bratwurst is as good as what I got in Germany! Bun is like tau sar bun without tau sar, not the typical hotdog bun we expect to get. Overall, it's not bad. Quite tummy filling and price is reasonable. If it's trying to create a Singaporean hotdog version, it's not a bad attempt.

My German friend tried the mushroom frankfurter with lettuce, tomato and beef toppings (after much persuasion from the shop owner).
Comment: Still prefers the hotdog plain but the beef topping is not bad. Bun is definitely too soft compared to the usual German bread. But Frankfurter is a thumbs up.

As NDP is nearing, they even launched some giveaway in the form of hotdog cookies! It's really cute! Thumbs up for the novelty and Happy Birthday Singapore!
(i took a photo of the hotdog cookie but don't know how to post it here though)

Anonymous said...

I work nearby so I frequent this Sausage Co too.
With 2 main reasons ... 1st I'm a big fan of hotdogs and 2nd a bigger fan of the spicy like no body biz Hei bi hiam.

So far the combination I have tried are ...
1. Frankfurter + mash potato + Hei bi hiam
2. Black Pepper chicken + Hei bi hiam x 2 serving
3. Black Pepper chicken + Hei bi hiam + chilli sauce
4. Black Pepper chicken + honey mustard + Hei bi hiam
5. Cocktails + wasabei mayo
6. Cocktails + chilli sauce
7. Cocktails + Honey mustard.

From my combination, guess it pretty much shout that I'm a Singapoearn ... hee hee as I eat anything and everything with Hei bi hiam or chilli.

My fav are hotdog + honey mustard + Hei bi hiam. The honey mustard taste just nice with the spicy hei bi hiam creating a very nice balance.

As it really so hard to find nice Hei bi hiam nowdays, so I always go here for my spicy fix. The cocktails sausage are nice, they are just nice for a full-filiing but yet not over the top fat kinda of snack.

Two thumbs up !!

Anonymous said...

It's closing down on 22 hoo...there goes my fast grab lunch @ tanjong pagar!