Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kinara North Indian Shore Cuisine

Gosht Vindaloo and Safed Chawal

OK, a North Indian restaurant probably isn't the best place for vindaloo. But amidst all of the Indian restaurants out on Boat Quay, Kinara stood out from the crowd, particularly since I'd heard so many things about it in the past (57 Boat Quay, 6533-0412, plus another location in Holland Village).

I was a bit worried when the vindaloo arrived with a thin slice of tomato on top, which said "classy" to me rather than the grimey scorcher that I was looking for. And while it was a bit more refined (read: milder) than others that I've had, it still did the job of filling my belly in the end. I was probably more impressed by their mulligatawny soup, which was unexpectedly thin yet gently spicy and garlic-y enough for me to enjoy. I wonder what the rest of the food is like here.

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