Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ananda Bhavan, sans Chaat


Crap! Just when we were getting excited at the thought of being able to get refreshing delights such as pani puri and papdi chaat late at night thanks to Ananda Bhavan's 24 hour business period, we got denied. As it turned out, these guys shut down their chaat counter at 11:30 PM (we got there at 11:35), and none was to be had. We thus had to fall back on the normal menu, upon which we grabbed a couple bhatura.

And while the bhatura was certainly piping hot and tasty with its sliced onions and such, we still felt shortchanged without being able to get any chaat. And as a result, I no longer get as excited about this place being open 24 hours anymore. Is there anywhere else where one can find chaat late at night?


Anonymous said...

While it might not be what you're looking for, at least it is an option; Mustafa Ctr sells pani puri in a box. I have always seen it sitting near the lift exit on the 2nd floor.

Though I haven't ever bought it, I have seen quite a lot of people of Indian origin buying it. I think it comes with packets of something to put inside the puri.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading your post some time ago about Saravana Bhavan. I tried the Robinson Road shop, but was disappointed with the food. The one nearer to Little India is wonderful.

bma said...

In fact, I saw those boxes of pani puri at Mustafa this past weekend too. I nearly bought a box until I flipped it over to look at the instructions and realized that it still took a bit of effort to do the potato stuffing and stuff. I then put the box back on the pile.

Fortunately, I did find cans of pav baji as well as ful medames. I'll give a full report when the bachelor in me decides to heat one of them up in the microwave someday.

Unfortunately though, Mustafa had neither India's Magic Masala chips from Lay's nor the Dal Bukhara in a can. At least they had alphonso mangoes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, AB does have the coolest job in the world. Your Japanese friend in Hawaii brought your site to my attention, love it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i think u should try the food at komala vilas vegetarian restaurant...it's located at buffalo road if i'm not wrong..opp the tekka taxi stand...the bhattura and thosai there r very nice..

Tylle said...

Hi bma and greetings from Finland.
I found accidentally your blog a while ago and it has become one of my favourites.
We are heading to Asia next fall. I'll be reading your postst in order to get some ideas where we would like to go and what to eat. Visiting Hanoi is our main target, but we will be flying in to Bangkok and have couple weeks time to taste different things.
We have asian restaurants over here, but those are pretty lame. They all seem to buy everything from the same wholesale merchandice ;( So there is so mucgh to be learned from your blog before we hit the road.
So please keep going w/ this exellent blog. Thank You !