Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ananda Bhavan Vegetarian Restaurant

From left: Pau Baji and Pani Puri

Still going through withdrawals from all of that great food last week, I couldn't help but want to come down to Little India today to grab a quick bite. And before I knew it, I found myself across from Mustafa, where I'd always spotted these guys (95 Syed Alwi Road, 6297-9522) but had never gone in. Today I gave it a shot.

Surprisingly, this was a brightly lit fast food place with fixed tables and a numbering system to tell you when to pickup your food at the counter. I grabbed some pau baji and pani puri, both of which fared much better than I thought they would, and indeed, gave Raj down the street some competition in my mind. I especially liked the cilantro loaded up in the pani puri.

This ended up being a good find. And what made it even better was a sign outside that indicated that they were now open 24 hours, which will definitely come in handy one of these days (hey - you can pair it with a late night Mustafa run!). They apparently have several other locations around Singapore too, although I don't know if they will be open all night.


Kathy said...

Hey! All your posts on Indian food got to me and the comment I had about buttermilk was made after I went to Ananda Bhavan's at Ogilvy Centre. This branch stays open till 9.30pm.

If you ever pop by for a set lunch, give us a post! I'm curious about the lemon rice.

The condiments to the uttapum rocked!

bma said...

Do you mean Saravana Bhavan instead?

Kathy said...

Oops! Yeah this is the one. Don't remember seeing the "hotel" word but yup that's the one coz it's a chain from Chennai.

I was looking at your picture and thinking, hmm, was sure I didn't see that fluffy bun dish. Haha.

I think I know which one's Ananda Bhavan, it's the one with the yellow signboard and they used to have flashing numbers to call your order. The desserts are yummy! I'm on a diet now and it's terrible that you should mention that it's opened 24hours. ARGH!

Madhi Azhagan said...

Worst Experience in my life at Anandha Bhavan, Serangoon Road (Upstair). Please don't have your food with your family in this Hotel. I'm sharing Some bad experience in Anandha Bhavan, Need to queue in for bill payment & order, need to take water in a Dirty area, order will come one by one with 5 to 10mins interval(for 3items it takes 20mins approx).Even of there is not crowded these guys are not helping to serve the customer. For every order you need to go and pickup with your wet hand. There will be no smiling face. Even they are not interested about our visit. Don't take any parcel from these hotel. These begger fellows only expect our money and don't know how to server the customer. To enjoy all these and more bad experice, please visit Anandha Bhavan with your family (upstair & downstair) in Serangoon Road.

Anonymous said...

Worst vegetarian restaurant ever came across in S'pore. Tosais, idlis and vadais in very tiny pieces. But price much much higher. On Sivarathiri festive, prices are even marked up to $1 per piece for vadais.And the price doesn't match the size of the vadais. Isn't this a donation to the temple? The branches are getting more and more but what kind of service provided.