Friday, March 17, 2006

Pau Baji at Raj

Pau Baji

This was kinda cool - it was almost like an Indian version of sloppy joes, but vegetarian and spicy. Scoop some of the good stuff on the little buns, complement it with some of the fresh garnishes, and you're good to go.

It was also interesting to see this on Raj's chaat menu. All my experiences with chaat so far have been largely based on tamarind and maybe yogurt, so this was quite a refreshing break from that formula.


shakester said...

well honestly pav bhaji is not a part of 'chaat' as such. Its a Bombay thing (mumbai) originally, and some of the stuff you get on the beach stalls there is exceptional. Traditionally chaat would be restricted to the things you have written on before- gol gappas, papdi chaat, sev puri, raj kachori etc.

just ate at Raj's ourselves yeterday

bma said...

Interestingly, Komala's today had pau baji on their chaat menu too.

Sandeep said...

thanks for having such a wonderful blog with so much of information in it !! ..

I went to Raj Recently couple of time & did liked their food overall ..

But on my recent visit to them on weekend I ordered Pav bhaji & the Bhaji in it was too was tasteless, cold & did not look fresh to me...I would not recommend pav bhaji there ..though other items like Raj Kachori, chaat were good.

well..I spoke to the manager their & he was too busy on a weekend to really understand what I was trying to explain :)