Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cafe Le Caire @ Al Majlis

Foul Mesdammes

After another long night in the office, I tried to think of all of the late night places in Singapore that would still be open for me to finally get dinner at. I had heard about this place (39 Arab Street 6292-0979) on a number of occasions, so it sounded like a good one to try out.

This place was allegedly pan-Middle Eastern, but the name suggested a focus on Egyptian food (note that it's not Claire, as in Danes, but rather Caire, as in French for Cairo). So why not try this Egyptian breakfast dish that I saw on the menu called ful medames? Surprisingly, this mashed bean dish came out looking like Mexican frijoles but was much thinner, and had a midly oily and sour tinge to it to the point where it was really more like Brazilian feijao. I've never been to Egypt, so I don't know if this was the real deal or not, but I sure liked it. The fried egg and shallots on top helped give this thing a bit of an edge too, thus faciliating the inhalation process.

We also grabbed a variety of standard-issue mezze, which turned out fine, although nothing that I would jump for joy over. If I do come back, it would definitely be for that ful medames again. These guys stay open until 3:30 AM (or 5:30 AM on weekends), so I'm sure that there will be some repeat visits.


Anonymous said...

Arab Street has many other restaurants that serve great middle eastern/turkish/brazilian food. have u been to Ambrosia? Or for malay food in Jalan Pisang?

Anonymous said...

Ambrosia's food is a bit too overpriced... i only liked the ambience. Food was not great at all. amirah's grill at pahang street is pretty good. They opened a new one on bussorah street.

Chubbypanda said...

The fried egg is what makes it a masterpiece. The runnier, the better.

Anonymous said...

Fool is made in a variety of ways, but I've only ever eaten it as a thicker version. Some cook the broad beans, leaving them whole, while others do a 50/50 puree/whole mixture.

I like Le Caire the best, though I think the mezze doesn't come with enough bread. Having been to the Emirates where bread is given free with the meal, it seems odd to be given only 3 half pittas here!

Their kibbeh is very bland, though most Arab food is.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like your food blog; so does my colleague, CK, who in fact, logs on more often than I.
We like those pictures you took. CK said he tried this Cafe Le Caire, but I haven't. I'll do it soon.

Anonymous said...

Cafe Le Caire's kebabs with wild rice are excellent.

If you're there in the day time, the last street near the mosque has an excellent range of nasi padang restaurants (my favorite is Selera) and another Turkish restaurant, Samar, which isn't bad though nothing outstanding.

bma said...

You mean these guys?