Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Khusbu, "The Fragrance of India"

Lamb Seekh Kebab

It wasn't completely intentional to hit another Indian spot out at Boat Quay, but being in the area tonight conjured up thoughts of that vindaloo again (wow - and without even any drinks beforehand). This place (36 Boat Quay, 6535-5887), was again a totally random selection arrived at by just walking down the path and asking if they had vindaloo. These guys acknowledged.

Rawa Fried MushroomsWe did want to try some new things first. One item was the pyaz ke bhajia, described as onion fritters but in the end pretty much being onion rings, although of course with Indian spices in the batter. We also got some rawa fried mushrooms, which interestingly came out in the shape of little round balls. Neither of these were bad (they would make fitting bar snacks), but neither of these were anything to crave either.

And how about the vindaloo itself? It was fiery hot, but also much too tangy for my taste, and thus generally not that enjoyable (maybe I wouldn't notice after pounding some beer?). Feeling a bit unsatisfied, I then added the lamb seekh kebab, which was fine, but definitely a bit gimmicky by being placed into this metal heating contraption, probably to appeal to all the tourists out in the area. Well, Boat Quay probably isn't exactly the optimum spot for getting stuff like this (they brought stale papadum out to us too), but at least we did get to try some of those snacks above.

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Chubbypanda said...

Stale papadums? This place probably didn't get added to your rotation, then.