Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Restaurant El Sheikh, Pahang Street

Shish Kebab

This was a bit of a random find. After a late night at the office, we were actually on our way to go try some of that "saliva chicken", knowing that they were open until 2 AM. Yet on our way there, we stumbled across a nearby place (18 Pahang Street, 6296-9116) with Arabic music playing and people smoking hookahs outside. Whoa - another Lebanese place! (Lebanese-Turkish to be precise) And they were open until 2 AM too. OK, screw that other place...we're checking this one out instead.

I grabbed the usual hummos and shish kebab, both of which turned out better than I had expected. The hummos came in generous portions, and the shish kebab came complete with marks of flame broiling and half-raw-half-scorched onions too, all seasoned to the right degree. It wasn't all perfect though: the pita bread could have been fresher, and the stubby sticky red-colored rice seemed eerily reminiscient of that oddly-named "Spanish rice" that one usually got with "Mexican" food back in your elementary school cafeteria. The service was also a bit kooky.

Still, it was better than that Alaa El Din place. Whether or not I like it better than Al Hamra will demand a few more repeat visits to be sure, but this place is off to a good start. We'll have to come here for lunch one of these days. Note to self: they also had a place two doors down selling John Smith beer, albeit in a can.


yj said...

try cafe le claire at arab street. the hummus of cuz, and their lamb stew is rather good too.

mel said...

hey there! love ur blog! I stumbled upon it while googling on Banoo restaurant. Since you seem to be familiar with the arab street area, was wondering if you've tried the food at Alaturka (16 Bussorah Street- 62940304). Food there is really tasty, but rather warm ambience (no ac). However I love the mosaic tiles decorated on the walls.