Thursday, July 27, 2006

Al Hamra Lebanese & Middle Eastern Cuisine

Kofta Kebabs

More than half a year after checking out the little stand at Singapore's Changi airport, I finally made it down to the real restaurant in Holland Village today for lunch (23 Lorong Mambong, 6464-8488). I more or less ordered the exact same things as I did at the little shop: the hummous and the kofta kebabs, both of which turned out very well (and much larger). I was pleased with the fact that they gave some onions too, even though it was a bit odd that they served the kebabs in Moroccan tagines. Too bad they didn't give any rice with this either, although that was easily corrected with a side order of some of their rice with nuts.

From top: hummous and baba ganoushWe also got the baba ganoush, which interestingly was more like chunky Mexican salsa rather than the pasty dark-colored stuff that I was expecting, but it was still fine. Their shish taouk was also surprisingly tender, making them almost seem like fish rather than chicken. All in all, this place was better than the sleeping man's Lebanese, but it was also a lot more expensive: each plate of kebabs went for S$22 (US$12.95). It's also quite a long ways for me to come out for lunch, but I suppose it's worth it.

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