Sunday, December 11, 2005

Al-Hamra Mediterranean Cuisine


After so many walks by this little stand at Changi Airport (Terminal 1 Departure Hall East opposite Row 14, 6542-4818), I finally got the chance to come by here today. Man, the kofta kebab was so much juicier than at Samar (and they didn't deep fry it like those guys did - it was done on the flat grill instead). The hummus also came in the more usual fashion: spread out with olive oil resting on top. They also had tamar hindi, some kind of tamarind-based drink that wasn’t bad.

Kofta Kebab

Yet, the portions here were almost laughably small – it probably wasn’t even the size of a full children’s plate. There was hardly even any pita bread to eat the hummus with - I ended up using a spoon to scoop it straight into my mouth. I guess that the small portions make sense considering that people at the airport are usually in a rush (it looks like the main branch of this place is in Holland Village, and I'll bet you that you'll be able to get a more full-fledged meal there). I still wish they would give some roasted onions here though.

Interestingly, they also served pizza and pasta here. I guess Italy technically is on the Mediterranean.

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