Monday, January 22, 2007

Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant

Iskender Kebab

I was in the neighborhood today (100 Beach Road #02-42, 6291-1433) and finally got the chance to try this place out. I went for the iskender kebab, which fared least, compared to my only other reference point, which isn't exactly saying much. I still liked its reasonably light sauce and buttery bread pieces underneath nonetheless.

Sesame Bread and HummusPerhaps what was more interesting was the sesame bread that I got as a starter, which came in a piping hot inflated bhatura-like shape. This was of course meant to go with the obligatory hummus, which surprisingly came in a red tint due to what appeared to be chili powder. I'm not sure if this was done to appeal to local palates or if this is an actual way of preparing it in Turkey, but I liked it, as it gave it a nice little edge.

OK, that was better than I thought it would be. And they did have some eggplant kebab that looked interesting enough for me to want to try some other time. Their service wasn't the speediest though, so I probably won't come back on a lunch hour when my time is tight. But at least I finally got to try this place.


Anonymous said...

hey i think your blog is fantastic for giving the readers fresh and new ideas on where to eat! however, is it possible to also tell us roughly the price of each dish/meal so that price conscious singaporean like me wont get a shock after entering the restaurant.

thank you =D

Anonymous said...

Slow service seems to be the common grouse when it comes to Turkish restaurants.

Personally, I have found that they are slow even when you are trying to pay! A two hour meal is considered standard.

The upside is that when it is a dinner date, you never feel that you are being rushed.

Anonymous said...

There used to be a Turkish place in Suntec City which wasn't bad. I preferred it over Sofra anyway. Not sure if it's open still but it was on the top level near courts. Japanese and Swiss restaurants either side. Not the friendliest place I've ever been!

Anonymous said...

Hi, try the Turkish bread with the lentil soup. Goes well with the hummus too. :)

Anonymous said...

do try Anatolia at Far East