Monday, December 04, 2006

Delyse Gourmet Supreme Mix on UA First Class

Delyse Gourmet Snack Mix

This was kinda sad. Even though this was a short two hour flight to Atlanta, I would have thought that they would provide at least some form of a meal, seeing that this was First Class and all. But all we got was this little pack of snack mix. Even the little regional jets give something more than a little bag of nuts. I suspect that maybe this flight's duration was just under the threshold needed for a real meal.

Oh well. I don't really like their domestic First Class food anyway (whereas I do like the Delyse mix of almonds, pretzels, and little crackers), so I suppose this would have been best. I was just expecting more from the upgrade. In the end, it didn't really amount to much more than just wider seats.

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