Tuesday, June 27, 2006

United explus First Class Snack Box

United explus First Class Snack Box

Ooh...looks like I've gotten on board one of United's new explus routes, supposedly their answer to typically cramped regional jets by providing more legroom, bigger overhead bins, and even a first class cabin that includes meals on flights over 2.5 hours. The "meal" turned out to be a big snack box, which could have dangerously been loaded with junk food, but was no doubt consciously stocked with slightly healthier alternatives.

And therein lied the problem. The snacks, like the bagel chips, were boring because they were so healthy (the rondele bagel temptations cream cheese lacked richness too...maybe a by-product of the fact that it didn't require refrigeration). I didn't even bother with the other stuff like dried apricots, thus unfortunately letting plenty of food go unnecessarily to waste.

Kings Delicious Fiesta Snack MixIt was quite a shame, especially since I actually enjoyed the economy class bag of King's Fiesta Snack Mix a lot more ("a premium blend of pretzels, roasted red pepper sesame sticks & BBQ soy nuts"...soy nuts? it tasted like a tasty seasoned version of peanuts). In fact, the only interesting thing in the first class box to me was not even a food item; it was the Fresh Nap Moist Towelette, something I had not seen (and more importantly, smelled) in a very long time.

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