Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cajun Food at Brewerkz

Fried Catfish with Shrimp Etoufee

We headed off to Brewerkz (Riverside Point, 6438-7438) tonight with the intention of hitting up a couple cajun dishes that were on their menu: the etoufee and the jambalaya. I had tried the etoufee before and rather enjoyed it at the time, but hadn't had it since then...and I wondered to myself afterwards if it were really that good - maybe it was the influence of the beer that night. It looks like the alcohol really did mess things up a bit. While the taste was still rich and paired well with the rice, I wasn't a big fan of the thickly oatmeal-coated catfish.


To make things worse, the jambalaya was a bit of a shocker when it came out: there were these huge chunks of meat sitting there and not a lot of the stock to cover the rice with. I liked how the taste of the sausages permeated the dish, but I was a bit disappointed in how crudely some of these ingredients were prepared. Well, all things said, this is probably still one of the only cajun options available in Singapore.

I hope someone opens a real cajun place here soon. Tabasco is placed on so many of the tables around here that I would think that local palates would readily accept the whole experience.

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menokki said...

well done sir! I been interested in cajun ever since I fell in love wif CCR.
You have a nice life sir!!