Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ghaangothree, House of Chaats & Shakes

From left: Pani Puri and Dahi Pappadi Chaat

Pau BhaajiThis place (5 Hindoo Road, 6296-6939) allegedly specializes in chaat, as evidenced by their very long chaat menu. So I came down and tried to get a good spread and see how it stood up to Raj. Unfortunately, I think I like Raj better. While selected items like the dahi pappadi chaat were pretty tasty, the pani puri lacked spiciness. The pau bhaaji had a great buttery aroma from the bread, but Raj's had much more taste. I also got an aloo tikki chaat, which finally did have a good spicy kick to it, but still didn't really excite me.

Aloo Tikki ChaatThere were a few interesting things here though, including their ghaanghothree special lime, which was a saffron-flavored lime juice. Oddly enough, they also featured "Indian Chinese Cuisine," with things like "American Chop Suey" on the menu. I obviously didn't go there though. Well, this place definitely wasn't bad, but my vote is still for Raj.

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shakester said...

most of us love our 'Indian Chinese". basically a lot of the places in idnia that serve Chinese cuisine Indianise it big time- as a result it is far more spicy (and for most of us, tasty) than 'authentic' chinese.
So the few places here that do give it as well (Sagar Ratna and Makan Mumbai I know of), offer it quite proudly