Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pierside Kitchen and Bar (yawn)

Lobster Gumbo

I didn't quite feel like the miso cod at Pierside today, so I tried venturing off into something else. I started with the Lobster Gumbo, which was surprisingly mild, and simply lacked an edge. It looks like Bisous still wins in this department.

Spinach Pasta

Unfortunately, this proved to be a bit of a consistent theme throughout the meal. The spinach pasta, while having a great springy texture, was so boringly bland - ugh! I kept hoping to discover a rich cream or stanky cheesy aroma buried inside, but I was simply left disappointed the more and more that I dug into it.

Lemon TartAnd as pretty as the lemon tart was, the only thing I enjoyed from this was the tangy sorbet rather than the tart itself. What a shame - I don't mean to be harsh, but this was really boring. It seems as if the kitchen was trying so hard to make everything look pretty that they forgot to make the taste stand out in the process.

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